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ACU - Amstrad Computer User



Gs - Getting Started

G - Graphics

S - Sound


V - Value

P - Playability


Title Genre C&VG AA ACU Amtix
3D Boxing Sports G6 S5 V3 P3      
3D Grand Prix Racing G8 S0 V7 P8      
500cc Grand Prix Racing G8 S6 V6 P5      
5th Axis   G7 S7 V8 P7      
Afterburner       6/20  
After the War     81% 69%  
Alien 8 Adventure       92%
Alien Highway         80%
AMC Platform-Shooter   83%    
American Football Sports G9 S7 V9 P9      
Anarchy Puzzle     19,19,20/20  
Android One   G7 S7 V6 P7      
APB       87%  
Arkanoid Revenge of Doh Breakout     20,18,18/20  
Arnhem Strategy G8 S6 V9 P8      
Back to the Future II     52%    
Bactron Adventure G8 S10 V8 P8     86%
Bads Dudes VS the Dragon Ninja Beat-em-up   68%    
Badlands       Thumbs up  
Barbarian Fighting     12,20,13/20  
Barbarian II Beat-em-up   92%    
Barry Mcguigan's World Boxing Sports G8 S7 V7 P8      
Batman Adventure G9 S8 V10 P10     92%
Batman the Caped Crusader Adventure     18/20  
Beverly Hills Cop     69% TNT  
Blagger Platformer G7 S6 V7 P7      
Blasteroids     68% 87%  
Boulderdash Puzzle       89%
Bride of Frankenstein   G9 S7 V8 P8      
Builderland Puzzle     TNT  
Cabal     77%    
Cauldron 2   G9 S8 V9 P10      
Cavemania       TNT  
Centre Court   G8 S7 V8 P8      
Chase HQ Driving 97%   90%  
Classic Invaders   G7 S8 V10 P7      
Confuzion Puzzle G9 S8 V10 P10