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Shockwave 2   Shockwave 2 on 3DO
  EA managed to massively improve on the first Shockwave with this sequel, which had better graphics, better control, a more engaging storyline, and much more interesting missions that didn't quickly become repetitive and stagnate like the original game's did. The acting in the cutscenes is as corny and funny as usual but in this case just seems to add to the all round experience!
Soccer Kid  
Soccar Kid on 3DO
  It's very easy to take one look at the cheap graphics of Soccer Kid and disregard it as a poor generic platformer, but this would be an unfair presumption as the game is actually quite well made and original. One of the more interesting things about it is that everything revolves around your manipulation of the Football in different ways, this really helps to give the game it's own personality. Hell, IGN still rated Soccer kid 7/10 when it came out for the GBA 8 years later!
Panzer General   Panzer General on 3DO
  Another nice cult PC game that ended up getting ported to the 3DO, this one is your classic style war strategy game where you move troops about to attack and conquer your enemy. Became quite successful on the PC and spawned many sequels.
The Horde   The Horde on 3DO
  This is a cool little strategy game, it's split into two halves, the first where you have to build up the town defences and do things like plant crops and buy cows and such, and the second is like an isometric hack n' slash affair where you have to protect everything you just made from the horde, it alternates between these two styles and every season you have to make sure you have enough money to pay taxes as well as enough left over to buy items and upgrades at the shop.
Syndicate   Syndicate on 3DO
  Syndicate was released on many different systems back in the day, the 3DO being one of them. It's a tactical mission based game where you order a bunch of mercenary types around trying to fulfill morally questionable mission objectives, usually involving assasination and such. It's actually a bit of an enduring classic and received a sequel on the PSOne years later.
Lucienne's Quest   Lucienne's Quest
  I was quite surprised by the quality of this JRPG, It's actually pretty good, not up to the high standards of any of the big ones from the time but the game has quite a nice plot with good dialogue, isn't too small and has a pretty decent battle system. It's basically an all-around solid, proper Japanese RPG but on the 3DO!
Immercenary   Immercenary
  The first time I played this game I hated it! but after reading a glowing review in one of my mags I decided to stick with it and sure enough the game is fantastic, as soon as you manage to defeat the first guardian you feel a compulsion to power up and take over the whole world, definately not a pick up and play game (you start off very weak, odd controls, massive world with non-linear gameplay) You really have to put some time into it before you start to feel in control, and understand the ways of the bleak dog eat dog world the game inhabits.
Madden   Madden on 3DO
  For a time the 3DO was billed as the best console for sports game of that generation, (it was of course eventually superceded by the Saturn and PS1 after they had time to improve their game libraries) this early praise was mostly due to the high quality EA sports games, this and FIFA spring immediately to mind as they were the best you could get when they originally came out on any format.
Cannon Fodder   Cannon Fodder on 3DO
  A very simple, but very addictive little game, In Cannon Fodder you just order a bunch of army men to walk about and shoot the enemy, one of the cool things about the game is that if you keep the same guys from one mission to the next without them dying they get promoted, this makes you worry about their safety a bit more than usual, especially if they've stayed with you since the very first mission.
Alone in The Dark 2   Alone in the Dark 2 on 3DO
  I think it's kind of a shame that Alone in the Dark moved away from it's lovecraftian horror styling and became more action orientated in this sequel, still not a bad game by any means it's just missing the great atmosphere of it's predecessor. This was also eventually ported to the Saturn and PSOne as "Alone in the Dark: Jack is Back"
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