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Top 40 Best 3DO Games


Welcome to Retro-Sanctuary's Top 40 Best 3DO games. Now, for anyone new to the site we follow a set of guidelines for all our lists. We aim to represent the best of all genre's, we try to limit the number of sequels, and also tend to avoid games that have been ported from earlier systems that don't use the hardware to its full potential. The greatest import games are allowed, but only when they're import friendly and don't require an FAQ to play.

Thanks and enjoy the list!

Blade Force   Blade Force on 3DO
  Good controls, smooth gameplay and big explosions are the order of the day in Blade Force. Search for mission objectives that need to be destroyed (the green dots on the radar) take them out and then move onto the boss, it's as simple as that really.
Captain Quazar   Captain Quasar on 3DO
  Captain Quazar is basically your run of the mill top down shooter in an isometric view. The graphics are quite nice and the whole thing is presented pretty well throughout with high quality fmv clips and good music. It can be a little bit unfocused and repetitive on single player but the 2-player co-op is a really nice addition which helps to add to the enjoyment.
Wolfenstein   Wolfenstein on 3DO
  By the time it was released on the 3DO Wolfenstein was admittedly a bit past it's sell by date, and there were a lot of more advanced FPS games for the system, this doesn't change the fact that the game is still fun, and one of the most important milestones in FPS history.
Total Eclipse   Total Eclipse on 3DO
  Truth be told this is no Starwing, even though it came out later on a machine with better hardware. It does not have Starwing's varied gameplay or personality, however the graphics do look much better and Total Eclipse is still quite a fun and entertaining game, thats fast and fluid and keeps the action coming.
Psychic Detective   Psychic Detective
  The biggest problems with interactive movie games are usually slow pacing, and too little interaction for the player, The creators of Psychic detective did a wonderful job of keeping it's pace fast and constantly giving you different options and a lot of control on where you wanted the story to go, and as such managed to make an FMV game that was actually solid and interesting, ultimately allowing it to reach a place on this list (for a console derided for having nothing but interactive movies there are only 3 included in this entire feature)
Po'ed   Po'ed on 3DO
  What is it with games on the 3DO and bad controls? Po'ed is one of the worst offeders in this respect, every button on the joystick has a function (including X) and when C is held down every button on the controler uses a secondary function! you even have to double press some buttons to give yet another function! Luckily when you've got your head around the controls the game is very playable, it's very jokey and quirky, gives you loads of weapons, pretty good level designs (though you need to get proficient with the map) doesn't scrimp on the ammo, and has a really cool rocket pack that works well.
PGA Tour Golf   PGA Tour Golf on 3DO
  This is a pretty all-around decent golf game, it has all the usual options and a plethora of different courses. Makes you realise that golf games haven't really changed much in the last 15 years.
Trip'd   Trip'd on 3DO
  As a one player game Trip'd unfortunately lacks the pace needed to be addictive, in multiplayer however this is not the case at all, and the game is actually a hell of a lot of fun, it's a Puyo Puyo style game, match up 4 of a colour to make them disappear, the blocks move in a different way to Puyo, and also, if you match the colours in a 2 by 2 square you create an alien, then the next time you match up blocks of the same colour as the alien it disappears and helps you/hinders your opponent depending on the alien you use.
D on 3DO
  D was one of the only critically rated interactive movie games out there, it works because really deep down, D is just your basic puzzle game, it just uses the interactive movie style as a vehicle, which works pretty well as it helps to give the game a level of tension and horror.
Slayer   Slayer on 3DO
  Slayer has all the in depth options, items and stats that you'd expect from an official D & D licensed game. The main part of the game is your usual hack and slash stuff, Explore dungeons, kill monsters, collect items and gold, cast spells, that sort of thing and it's actually quite addictive too. Another over-complicated control system though, it even has a smooth turn button for more precision (which you really need to learn to use to play the game properly)
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