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10/09/2023: Finally finished my Top 100 Retro Consoles video for Youtube, which tries to rank every console ever made, its here.

16/03/2022: Updated and expanded the top 40 3DO list to being a top 50, something I've always wanted to do, the list is here

29/11/2021: We've just started a new series of Youtube videos that review a console and then highlight our top picks for the machine, our first one talks about the obscure German console, the VC 4000. We've also got a Twitter for the site here, truth be told I've never really been a fan of Twitter, hence why its taken so long to get on there, but if the page gets any usage I will try to keep updates of what's going on there.

01/11/2020: I've put all our videos onto the site now and the review portions of the vids have been transcribed underneath for those who just want to read how we feel about the games. These are located on the reviews sidebar, replacing the old magazine archives (these were always supposed to be placeholders until the site got its own reviews, it only took 12 odd years to replace them!). Those who want to look at the old archive of magazine reviews can still do so by clicking the link at the top of the new reviews pages.

30/04/2018: As of about a month ago we've decided to dip our toes into something new. As a way of keeping the site going we are now producing video reviews in our spare time, these will eventually be properly integrated into the site, but at the moment are only available on our Youtube channel here. Its all admitedlly a bit bargain basement at the moment, but we will strive to improve the quality over time.

17/02/2018: A sort of big announcement here. Our sister site, ComicStrip-Sanctuary has not done too well so its content is being merged here. As Retro-Sanctuary still pays for itself at the moment its not in any danger of being closed.

19/07/2017: Completed a Top 100 48k ZX Spectrum games list. The Spectrum was a British computer that was designed to be a hobbyist machine and tool to teach entry level programming but instead became used primarily for games. As a games machine it was somewhat comparable to the Colecovision, being released at the same time in the same price range.

Welcome to Retro-Sanctuary; this website was started on March the 25th 2008 to provide quality info on all things retro, from the NES to the Dreamcast.
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